The missing week view

A week view gives the best overview of your appointments: detailed enough to quickly see what is happening, while also maintaining an overview of the full week.

Set the week start day, show weeknumbers, hide weekend days, change the daytime hours: with lots of options and beautiful graphics, Week Calendar’s week view is unrivaled.

Full calendar support
Week Calendar works together with the iPhone’s own calendar to give an amazing experience: changes made in the default calendar app are instantly visible in Week Calendar, and vice versa.

MobileMe, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync, iCal, CalDAV, ICS subscription calendars are all supported by Week Calendar.

Search, List, Day, Week and Month
Week Calendar 2.0 has four different views to always show exactly the right amount of detail.
List & search
A searchable list of all upcoming appointments, neatly organized by day.
A full day of events to see what is happening on a day.
See where there is room left in the week for that one extra appointment.
The month view allows to quickly scroll thru the calendar, while seeing how many events there are on a day.

Automatic Sync
No need to open the standard calendar app:
Week Calendar will automatically sync all calendars when it is opened.

Copy & Paste
The best way to quickly organize your appointments.

Select an appointment.
Tap the Copy button.
Scroll three months further.
Tap-and-hold to paste the appointment.

Even pasting text-appointments from other apps, such as Mail or Notes, is a joy to do: simply tap-and-hold and Week Calendar will ask where to insert the appointment.

Amazingly simple.

Calendar Colors
The standard calendar assigns colors to your calendars that are not changeable. In Week Calendar, it is possible to override these assigned colors easily.

Don’t like to have Blue for your Sports calendar? Simply change it to one of the other twenty available colors or even pick your own color.

Drag & Drop
It was never easier to reschedule an appointment: using Week Calendar’s beautiful week overview, it’s incredibly easy to see where there is space left in your agenda.
To reschedule an appointment is simply as easy as dragging it around:

Tap-and-hold to move appointments around, all with a single touch of your finger.

Simple, but brilliant.

Quickly store events you use often as a template, with a single tap on a button.

When it’s time to recreate the event again, select the template and everything is automatically filled in for you.

Event Colors
Besides changing calendar colors, Week Calendar allows to give individual appointments a different color.
You can quickly mark important events with Red or sport events with Blue: up to 20 colors are available to pick from.

Furthermore, Week Calendar allows you to rename the colors to create categories. If you are always using Blue for sport events, simply rename Blue to “Sports”.

Week Calendar feels and behaves like a great iPhone app.

Pinch vertically to show more or less hours. Horizontally pinching changes the number of days that are visible. Double-tap to zoom in onto one day. Tap-and-hold to paste or create a new event. Swipe to go to the next week or month.

It just feels right when touched.

Add events even quicker
Week Calendar 2.2 allows you to directly start typing after hitting the (+) button, making it possible to add events really quick.*

No need to go into a submenu anymore. For power users, there is also TextExpander integration to even type quicker.

(*enable Settings > Miscellaneous > Directly start typing)

Link Contacts
It’s now possible to easily link contacts to your appointments, without inviting them.

Simply use the Contacts item when creating an event to add contacts to it.

The contacts will automatically be listed in the details of the event: tapping on a contact takes you to the contacts AddressBook page.

Bonus: Week Calendar 2.2 will automatically pick up contact details already entered in the notes-field of an event.

Custom Week Numbers & International Weekends
Week Numbers are important for a lot of business users. But, not everyone starts their 1st week on January 1: lots of users start on April 1 (financial week numbers) or some other date.

Week Calendar 2.2 makes it possible to define exactly when your year starts: perfect for business users.

For international users: it is now possible to define which days are weekend days: if you want the weekend to be on Friday and Saturday, you can easily do so now.

Easily share your appointments with others by sending them via e-mail. Week Calendar supports the industry standard ICS format for calendar appointment exchange, which is supported by Google Calendar, Outlook, Thunderbird, iCal, Yahoo! Calendar and many more.

Importing ICS files from e-mails or webpages into Week Calendar is also possible.

Complex Recurrencing Events
Creating complex recurring events was never easier on an iPhone. Quickly create appointments that are repeated every day, every 2 weeks, every month on the last week day.

Repeat events:
every two days at 3 PM
every 4 days at 9 AM
every 2 weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
every month on the 14th
every 3 months on the last weekend day of the month
every 6 months on the third Friday at 4PM
every year on 6 September
and more..

Business Ready
Finally use your iPhone’s calendar for business. With support for ActiveSync, timezones, a week overview, week numbers, invites, sharing appointments, free/busy appointments, cancelled appointments, tentative appointments.

Week Calendar allows you to do your business best, by being a reliable and useful mobile calendar tool.

Time Zone Support
For travelling users, Week Calendar has the option to view the calendar in a different time zone than the one you are currently in.
If you travel from New York to Paris, you can either choose to view your calendar in New York time or in Paris time – either way, your calendar will always be consistent.

Full Screen Calendar
To make optimal use of the iPhone’s screen, Week Calendar can be used in fullscreen mode by hiding the top and bottom bar when they are not needed.

With the fullscreen option enabled, simply tap the screen once to show the date and toolbar, and tap again to make them go away.

This way, you’ll have optimal usage of the iPhone’s screen space.

Custom Alarms
Week Calendar allows to set much more flexible alarms than the normal calendar app.

3 days before, 4.5 hours before, 2 days, 3 hours and 2 minutes before: it’s all possible.

It’s even possible to set alarms on exact dates and times, instead of relative times.

Better details
Week Calendar shows more information in the details screen of an event. For example, for birthdays the age of the person is shown, as well as a link to the contacts page.

Easily send a message or call someone with a birthday from within Week Calendar directly.

Interactive details
The details of an event will now show notes in HTML if needed.

If you have a location set for an event, simply tap the location and you will be redirected to Maps.

Customize your calendar
There are lot of settings to adjust Week Calendar to your likings:
change the way week numbers are calculated
set the start day of the week
change how events are displayed in the week view
tap to hide bars, rotation support: change it like you want
adjust the default values used for new events

Retina Ready
All Week Calendar graphics are in High-Definition format and are ready for use on the iPhone 4’s Retina Display.
Your calendar has never looked prettier, sharper or more amazing.

Week Calendar is available in multiple languages, including:
Norwegian (Bokmal)
More languages are added with every new release.

Week Calendar fully supports landscape modus.

And, if you don’t like landscape, there is a setting to toggle it off also.